We service what we sell! Which is important! If they can't service it; why would you let them put the bike together! Don't fall for the big box stores 15 minutes to put it together talk! We've seen their work! Yikes! Wobble wobble! Brake not worky!

Custom solutions so everyone can ride!

A bike store with an actual service shop! Who would have thunk it? The knowledge to trouble shoot, find solutions in the smallest detail, properly set up a brake or gears, repair a flat with the right sized tube, use the proper chain lube, hear the clunking, make custom adaptations for special needs, properly size a bike and helmet, find the leak, see the problem....

The reasons are endless to choose a local bike shop!

We service all makes and models of bicycles! Even the big box stores! We don't judge you, your ride, or your budget.

We are easy here @ Bentley Cycle Inc.

Reminder for July and August:

We book up very quickly from week to week! Best bet for a bicycle tune up is to call or email before you drop off as we usually need a couple days with your bike to fit it into our schedule of repairs. We are first come, first served.

Trikes require a pre-booked appointment at all times.