What is a recumbent trike?

If there are two wheels in the front and one in the back, it’s a Tadpole. We like those best and those are what we stock. We can of course order others.

The recumbent aspect is the rider sits slightly reclined in a t-shaped frame with a low center of gravity, supporting the body in a mesh seat, fully distributing body weight evenly between the 3 wheels, the pedals are in the front and the drive wheel is in the back. Braking and steering is done in the front wheels via handle bars.

There are nearly 12 dozen manufactures of recumbent trikes and we stock both Terratrike and Catrike. We are a dealer for others as well.

There are a variety of options like regular bicycles from various wheel sizes, frame sizes, seating positions, rider weight, rider capability, gear options, folding, suspension, and budget.

Recumbent trikes are stable giving riders with balance issues, recovering muscles impacted by injury or disease, medical conditions like stoke or nerve damage the ability to ride again.

Trikes range in price from around $2200 to over $10000 for custom modifications.

What Adaptations or modifications can be made to the trike?

Electric assist can be added in either hub or mid mount versions 

Entry bars can be installed for the rider to easily enter or exit the trike

Braking and gearing can be adapted and moved to the dominant side of the rider 

Accessories like flags, neck rests, fenders, pannier bags, rear racks, water bottle systems, etc can be added to customize the experience

Pedaling system can be adjusted to different tooth ranges, shorter crank lengths, different gearing ranges, and more

We work with the rider to give the best experience, advice, and knowledge to gain the ability to ride like never before.

How do I view a recumbent trike? Test ride? etc

We suggest making an appointment especially May Long through September Long Weekend. We are here 7 days a week through the summer months and are flexible for appointments happening outside our regular store hours. We know buying a trike is a new experience for the rider and we like to give our undivided attention. We are a busy little shop and we are located in a hot spot for tourist activities and emergency bike repairs.

During your appointment we will assess your riding and health needs, find our more about when, where and how you want to ride, discuss any medical conditions or concerns, talk about adaptive modifications, measure your height and X-seam, get to know you on a personal level, and then take some models out for test rides we feel would be best suited based on budget and ability.

We stock 10+ models and have lots of accessories to add on and you can buy on the spot or think about it.

Trike appointments usually require more than 1 store visit and are an investment for the rider especially for those riders with balance issues, physical limitations, or other concerns. We expect you to have questions after the appointment and we do our very best to answer them.

We want you to feel guided in the process but not pressured. We want you to choose the best model for you.

Recumbent Trikes provide freedom to people unable to ride conventional bikes. From as young as 8 to as old as you feel.

Recumbent trikes are not a just point and click and pick it up kind of bike!

What brands do you carry? Both Catrike and terratrike.

Catrike Dumont - 16 years of engineering and experience have come together to create the Dumont. The rear suspension features a highly progressive travel path combined with a custom spring rate and sophisticated damping for a perfect balance of performance and comfort. The shock is actuated via a CNC machined swingarm pivoting on precision cartridge bearings to allow the suspension system to operate with seamless efficiency. Up front, the Dumont employs Catrike’s anti-dive patent-pending front suspension spindle to take the edge off while allowing all wheels to move independently. The result is that the Dumont stays firmly planted on the ground with the active suspension. The long and low rider position and fully adjustable boom provide stable weight distribution needed for maximum performance while the ergonomic backrest is fully adjustable for the perfect fit A 26-inch rear wheel and folding feature, round out the Dumont to provide the ultimate ride.

A true favourite of ours! The Cadillac of trikes!

Catrike 700 - designed to be fast and efficient. A low, aerodynamic body position and lightweight vertebrae-spaceframe put the rider it the perfect position to generate power and speed. The 700c rear wheel offers excellent power transfer, and high gearing gives you the shifting options needed to reach your personal best. The central Catrike adjustable boom and one-piece frame display the same single-minded focus that drives the model of one of the fastest vehicles in any category. Simple and thoughtfully designed, 700 is engineered to move.

Catrike Road - The road AR is a vibrant and efficient machine. A progressive linkage air shock and CNC swing arm provide a highly adjustable suspension platform paired with the new patent pending front suspension to take the edge off the road for a smooth ride. An optimized cockpit design is supportive enough for a comfortable daily ride, commute or weekend adventure without sacrificing any control or performance. Lean into the corners with confidence. The road-AR brings excitement to the journey.

Catrike Expedition - Offers a beautiful and sleek machine combined with a long, comfortable body position for all-day riding. To be prepared for any adventure, the Expedition comes equipped with a space frame for heavy packs. The 26-inch rear wheel provides a broad range of gears for a variety of terrain. There are so many roads to explore that you may never see them all, but it won’t be for lack of trying.


Catrike 559 - Classic comfort combined with long distance performance, the 5.5.9 is the best of both worlds. Combining the adjustable backrest and padded seat mesh of our Road and Trail models with the long-distance capability of our Expedition, Catrike has created one of the most capable and comfortable trikes available. The ingenious design of the Catrike’s folding frame with roller wheels allows you to load it in just about any vehicle. Find enjoyment in the journey with the 5.5.9!

Another favourite of ours! Folding and light!

Catrike Villager - It brings together engineering and innovation into one easy to use machine. A high seat and stable platform mated to an adjustable frame provide a comfortable and confident ride. Avid disc brakes offer best in class stopping power and Ackerman steering geometry – a standard design feature on all Catrike models – keep course corrections smooth and stable. The Villager is ideal for adventures in your neighborhood and beyond.
Catrike Trail - At the heart of the Trail, there are features and design that makes this Catrike perfect for almost any rider. It is well designed and is thoughtfully equipped with top tier components to deliver worry-free performance. For comfort and portability, the Trail features a well-padded seat mounted to a fully adjustable, foldable frame. The Catrike proprietary hand rests offer adjustable support for long rides while the integrated computer mount and stock rear view mirror ensure you have all the information to be safe and efficient while riding.

Catrike Pocket -  A compact space frame that offers all the features of our Expedition and 700 models. It is easy to maneuver while being manageable to transport with a smaller width and footprint creates a very efficient spirited ride. And like all other Catrikes, it comes equipped with a chainguard for safety along with a flag and flag holder for increased visibility. The Pocket gives you all the performance of a Catrike in a scaled down package. The perfect ride for smaller riders.

Catrike Eola - Built with a purpose, the Eola features a lightweight space frame, 20-inch wheels and the latest drivetrain technology that creates a nimble and spirited ride. At the heart of the Eola is a SRAM 1 x 11 drivetrain that delivers a full range of gears and flawless performance. Like all Catrikes, it comes with industry-leading features: padded mesh seat, clipless pedals, rear fender, computer sensor mount, locking brake levers, along with a flag and flag holder for increased visibility. With Catrike’s knowledge and experience in manufacturing, the Eola not only has exceptional handling and riding characteristics, it has been engineered for manufacturing and assembly efficiency – assuring value and quality.

Terratrke Rover  - It has introduced more people to triking than any other recumbent trike on the market. It has also restored health and happiness to thousands of owners who never thought they would be active again. The Rover is TerraTrike's number one selling trike, and is perfect for any type of rider - young or old, large or small.

That's a pretty bold statement for a trike with a starting price lower than almost any other trikes on the market. Its success, however, lies in its reliability and usability. Featuring one of the strongest frames in the TerraTrike lineup, and a high seat position, the Rover is perfect for anyone who needs a sturdy, no-nonsense machine. The Rover is also TerraTrike's most versatile trike, ideal for riders with adaptive needs.


TerraTrike Rambler - It has the same high seat and straight-forward frame geometry as the Rover, but with many upgrades for riders who want to go faster and farther. It features a sleek Y-frame design which improves the Rambler's handling and stability.

What really sets the Rambler apart, however, is the feel of the ride. It responds beautifully through corners and the lightweight chro-moly steel frame ensures a smooth ride.

It is available in three different component levels: n380 NuVinci, x24, and x30. The single-piece frame made of round chro-moly steel tubing also gives the Rambler a nimble, responsive ride.

Terratrike Rambler All Terrain -  Is rugged enough to take you off the beaten path - WAY off the beaten path! No longer will you be limited to paved bicycle paths or roads. A whole new world of possibilities awaits where the pavement ends.

With almost the same amount of effort required to ride to the coffee shop, you can now ride to your favorite camping site or beach. Two track dirt roads and hiking trails become as easy to access as your driveway. Gravel paths and secluded vistas that once were only obtainable by foot are now easily accessible.

Load up the All Terrain with any of the packs we offer and you'll discover that you can ride just about anywhere.

With the All Terrain, no destination is off limits. The only decision now is where will  your next adventure take you?

Rambler E.V.O. – Falco - The Falco Rambler E.V.O. brings electric assist to the masses with a powerful rear hub drive motor. Experience a versatile electric system with an industry leading warranty and a great price to get you out and riding. The Falco Rambler E.V.O. was designed to be a “turn on and go” system. No console, no buttons, no worries. But as you discover your riding desires the Falco system will be there with phone apps, consoles and battery options. Plus, being built from the same tried-and-true frame as the Bosch version, you get the peace of mind and comfort to let you enjoy the experience.

Terratrike Rover Tandem - The Rover Tandem is a life changer for many couples who want to get out and ride together, as well as parents or relatives of people with adaptive needs.  The high seat and generous weight capacity (500 lbs.) of this tandem make it accessible and comfortable. With it's 8 speeds and optional independent pedal system (IPS) allows the rear rider to just sit back and relax. The driver does the shifting and the braking.

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How about a price?

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We do our very best to pass on any possible savings if the Canadian dollar cooperates.

We do not price online since there are too many variables to account for and we rarely sell just a base model trike.

We offer Financing Plans, Layaway, we take Mastercard and Visa to make the recumbent buying experience an easy one.

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