Our Story!

We biked to Bentley from Gull Lake in July 2016 on old, beat up, rusty, mountain bikes for lunch at the Cross Eyed Giraffe! And for anyone who has done that journey you know what we mean! By the time we reached Bentley we were ready to leave them behind, ditch lunch, and hitch hike back!

But that's when I saw her! Saw her through a closed store window! I wanted a bike that was girly! That seat! That color! Those fenders! That basket! I needed that bike! She was to be mine! Came back Tuesday, bought her, and have loved her ever since!

Penelope was my dream bike!

I was hooked! We were hooked! We were riding again! We loved it!

6 months later!
We bought the whole store!
Left our oilfield jobs behind! 
1 guy a certified bike mechanic! 1 gal a sales clerk, marketing, and sales manager!
With a little help from our friends!

We are Bentley Cycle Inc!
What a difference a year makes! Meet Tori the newest addition to our family! She's a Norco Torrent size small!

A mountain bike that fits my 5 ft 1" height and my t-rex arms! Full suspension and hydraulic brakes!

She is aggressive and feisty! Mountains here we come!