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Easy Racers Recumbents

Canadian Dealer of World Famous Easy Racers Recumbents:

                                                        Titanium -RUSH


                                                             CARBON FIBER RUSH


                                                  APTERA - SWB  BENT


                                                       TOUR EASY



    " TOUR EASY " - Custom OFF ROAD ...........Hmmmm :


                             " FOLD RUSH "


                                   "JAVELIN "


THE GOOD OLD DAYS - When they made these nice Bent's, now out of production.

Now in Stock - 2 -  Cannondale  Full Suspension Recumbents (one owner Bents)

Contact us for prices & specs.






We first started out selling BikeE recumbents in 1998. 

If you need parts or accessories call us and we will try & help.

A lot of info on bikeE models, accessories, media
and user groups can be found here:


Here is a  PAV-3 semi-recumbent trike, they are built tough!

Worksman Cycles is America's leading brand and oldest Adult Tricycle and Bicycle manufacturer, specializing in industrial grade cycles, vending carts and ...

 Worksman Cycle  "Team Duo" Side by side tandem.






 We are also open to ordering in many other top quality, well known brands.

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