Bentley Cycle Inc

Recumbent & Specialty Cycling Specialists! All ages and abilities welcome!

Offering New and Preowned Bikes!

1 wheel, 2 wheel
, and 3 wheel options available!

From unicycles to mountain bikes, road cruisers, itty bitty run bikes, bmx, and trikes we have a bike
for you!
Over 150 bikes in stock! Worth the drive to Bentley!

We are proud to sell and ride bikes from these amazing companies!

Catrike, Terratrike, Norco, Electra, Surly, Specialized, United, Verde, Eastern, F
it, and more!

Victoria, Townie 7D, 24" - smaller sister to Penelope

Roxy, Townie 7D, 26" Raspberry! But we have teal, polar blue, Icy blue, coral, black and cream in stock as well!

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